by Jerry Vines

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You Are a Gifted Child! (10 of 15)
Series: Deeper Life Conference
Jerry Vines
I Corinthians 12:1-7

I believe these messages can be very helpful to you as an individual Christian in understanding your role and how you serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and it also can be very helpful to our church fellowship. If we have an understanding of what spiritual gifts are and how they are intended to be used by individual believers, it can really transform and revolutionize your life as a Christian and the life of our church.

In the rural county of northwest Georgia where I come from, it seems that it was a popular thing to do in the early years to name churches after Bible churches. So all over our county you would find churches that had Bible names. There was an Ephesus Baptist Church, named from the church at Ephesus. There was a Philadelphia Baptist Church. It was always a source of amazement to me that there were churches also known as Corinth Baptist Church. I thought about that a lot when I would see those churches, that when people started those churches, I wonder if they had ever read their New Testament and found out just what kind of church the Corinth Church was. I wonder if they would have named their church after that.

One of my hobbies through the years has been to collect the unusual names for Baptist churches. There is actually a Knee Deep Baptist Church. There is a Dry Valley Baptist Church. There is a Hog Liver Road Baptist Church. There are some unusual and amazing names. But none of them is more amazing to me than to call a church the Corinth Baptist Church. If you know anything about the church at Corinth, you will know that it was a church which had a multitude of problems.

The story of how these believers came to know Jesus in the city of Corinth is indeed a wonderful story. They experienced a miracle salvation, a miracle conversion. Many of the people in this church had been in deep sin. They were in all kinds o ...

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