by Jerry Vines

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The Filling of the Holy Spirit (9 of 15)
Series: Deeper Life Conference
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 5:18-21

We're calling this our Deeper Life Conference for the summer. We took five messages on ''Who Is Jesus?'' We have done four messages now on ''Who Is the Holy Spirit?'' I will do some messages on spiritual gifts starting next week. The Bible tells us that every born again child of God has one or more spiritual gifts. These are important to know and to understand.

But this evening we're looking at again the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Our theme this evening is ''The Filling of the Holy Spirit.'' The classic passage in all of the Bible on this subject is Ephesians 5.

I want you to listen very carefully to this message. It's possible that for many of you this could be the most important message you have ever heard. Here is the message and here is a truth which will have a great deal to do with your growth as a Christian and with your success as a witness for the Lord. If you understand the filling of the Holy Spirit, then you can understand how to serve the Lord effectively, how to live the victorious Christian life, and how to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you study the New Testament you will find a number of people who were filled with the Holy Spirit. For instance, the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. Acts 2, verse 4, says about those disciples who were gathered in the upper room that they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Simon Peter, the preacher, was filled with the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul, we are told, was filled with the Holy Spirit. The first deacons were filled with the Holy Spirit. In fact, one of the qualifications for deacons is that they be men filled with the Holy Spirit. Barnabas, the son of consolation, encouraging Barnabas, we are told was a good man and full of the Holy Spirit. There is a family in the New Testament filled with the Holy Spirit, the family of John the Baptist. We are told tha ...

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