by Jerry Vines

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Could Jesus Sin? (3 of 15)
Series: Deeper Life Conference
Jerry Vines
Matthew 4:1-11

This series called Deeper Life Conference could be called Christian Apologetics, Answers for the Faith. What I'm trying to do is help our young people who are getting ready to go to college, to provide them with some Biblical ammunition for what they are going to encounter.

I'm speaking on the third of the series on the theme of "Who Is Jesus?" That's one of the big questions today. Jesus is still the controversial one. Maybe you have noticed that in the legislature, Senator Jim King apologized after the chaplain for the day, a Baptist preacher, mentioned Jesus in the prayer.
When I first came to the city of Jacksonville, I was asked to come pray at a high school graduation. They sent me a list of things I couldn't pray. I prayed just like I pray, in the name of Jesus. If you call for a plumber, you expect to get plumbing. If you call for a Baptist preacher, expect to get Jesus.
One of the questions I ask young children that I counsel on Wednesday nights is what is sin? Most of them get that right. Sin is something you shouldn't do. Then I ask them if they have ever sinned. They all are sinners. They all say yes, they have sinned. The next question I asked them is who is Jesus? They give varying answers. The Son of God, He's God, He's the Savior. There are a variety of ways to answer that question. Then I ask them did Jesus ever sin? To my recollection in all the years that I have counseled children not one time has a child said to me, "Yes, Jesus sinned." They all say, "No, Jesus never sinned."

Could Jesus sin? The technological word for it is the impeccability of Christ. That means that Jesus Christ was the sinless one. That is the teaching of the Bible. We are taught this in the Bible by some specific statements to that effect. In the last part of the verse of Hebrews 4, verse 15, it says that Jesus was in all points tempted ...

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