by Jerry Vines

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Ephesus: Choose a Loving Church (2 of 8)
Series: Choosing a Church
Revelations 2:1-7
Jerry Vines

I'm talking this summer on how to choose a church. I'm using the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation as our Bible basis for this. Hopefully it will also help us to be the kind of church God wants us to be. We are looking at the church of Ephesus. I'm calling this Choose a Loving Church.

The city of Ephesus was the most cosmopolitan of all of the cities to which these letters are addressed. It is located in what we know today as modern Turkey. It was a great sea port town. Every time I think about that, I think about Jacksonville as well. It was a commercial center. It was a very, very prosperous city. People came from all over the world to trade their wares and to sell what they had to offer. On a given time millions of people would be passing through the city of Ephesus.

If you and I were to take a journey to the city of Ephesus we would come up on the Aegean Sea and we would move into the Ephesian harbor. We would get out of the ship and begin to make our way on Harbor Boulevard, which was the main street of the city of Ephesus. As we walked along, we would see many imposing buildings. All of them built in magnificent white marble. For instance, you would see the theater and it would hold 24,000 people. You would also see the amphitheater. It would hold over 100,000. You would see a massive library and you would see huge imposing buildings.

I have always believed that public buildings should be imposing. I'm going to issue an opinion which may be a minority opinion, but I'm going to give it anyhow. We have been talking a lot about the courthouse here in the city of Jacksonville. We have been discussing the cost of the courthouse. While I am very concerned that the taxpayer's money be spent wisely, I'm a little bit concerned that we not make our buildings an embarrassment to us. When I saw in the ...

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