by Jerry Vines

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Are You an Almost Christian? (5 of 5)
Series: Summer Nights Revival
Jerry Vines
Acts 26:22-29

This is one of the most dramatic scenes in all of the Word of God and in all of human history. It is the scene where the great preacher Paul is standing before King Agrippa, his wife Bernice, and a man named Festus.

As you look at the men in this particular scene, you will find the variety of attitudes people have to the Lord Jesus Christ. There is Festus, who represents those who are alienated from Christ. Festus thought that Paul was going mad right before his very eyes. As Paul witnessed of the Lord Jesus Christ, Festus exclaimed to Paul, "Paul, you are beside thyself. Paul, you're going crazy. Paul, you're insane."

It is a rather amazing thing to me that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is considered to be insanity. On the other hand, people who are very, very fervent about what they may believe are not considered insane. You may recall that the Lord Jesus Christ's family came on one occasion. They thought that the Savior had gone insane because of the things He was saying and because of His burning commitment to be the Savior of the world.

It is not insanity for people to get all carried away and excited about pleasures or sports or money or other things, and yet those who are excited about the Lord Jesus Christ, about eternal life, about heaven and hell, somehow they are considered to be a little bit off base. Festus represents those who are alienated from Christ.

Of course, there is Paul. He represents those who are altogether for Christ. Paul said, "I would that you were not almost but altogether even as I am." When Paul met Jesus Christ, his life was totally changed and he went whole hog for the Lord. Paul's philosophy of life was summarized in these words when he said, "For me to live is Christ."

Then the third man is King Agrippa. Agrippa represents those who are almost to Christ. He said to Paul, "Almost thou ...

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