by Stan Coffey

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How To Be Prosperous (3 of 11)
Series: God's Wisdom for Life's Decisions
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 28:13

Today we are going to continue in our study on "God's Wisdom For Life's Decisions." The book of Proverbs is a how-to book. And today we are going to talk about "How To Be Prosperous." Last week I gave you a little syllabus about the different topics we will be talking about in the next few weeks, just many practical things because that is what the book of Proverbs is about. It is written by Solomon, the man who could have anything he asked for and yet he chose wisdom. And because he chose wisdom, he knew how to make right decisions to lead the nation of Israel. And because of that he was able to prosper and be a very prosperous man.

Now if you listen to somebody tell you about how to be prosperous you what to know that it is somebody who is prospered himself, amen? You want to know that this is the person who has experienced it in life, not just somebody who is giving theory that he thought up. Now Solomon was the most prosperous man of his time. You can read in the book of Ecclesiastes about some of his wealth or read in the record, in the historical record of II Kings or in the Chronicles in the Old Testament about the amazing wealth of Solomon. His wealth was untold. In today's terms it would be in the many hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars. He was a wealthy, wealthy man who led Israel to be the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth at that time.

Proverbs 28:13 "He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy."

You remember I told you that in the Proverbs there are several different kinds of Proverbs that we see. We see proverbs of comparison and we see Proverbs of contrast. And this is a Proverb of contrast. The second line of the verse is in contrast to the first. He who conceals his sin or covers up his sin does not prosper, but in opposite to that, a pe ...

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