by Stan Coffey

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How To Deal With Rejection (5 of 11)
Series: God's Wisdom for Life's Decisions
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 29:25

We are looking at the subject of rejection and we are talking about "God's Wisdom For Life's Decisions." Solomon wrote the Proverbs and as we look at the book of Proverbs we remember that he is the man who asked for wisdom. So the books that Solomon wrote in the Old Testament are called the books of wisdom. He wrote Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and The Song of Solomon. And these are the wisdom books, particularly Proverbs. It is filled with wisdom, which is good for practical living.

We are living in a society of what I would call approval-addicts. One of the problems that all of us have is the problem of rejection. You say, what do you mean by rejection? Well, we are approval-addicts more than we realize. That is the reason that teenagers many times, do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do. They do it for the approval of their friends. Many times they will get into trouble with pre-marital sex or they will get into trouble by taking drugs or by stealing or by doing some other thing because they want the approval of their friends. They want their friends to approve of them and think that they are a part of the group. So they will commit some act that they know was wrong just so they can have the approval of their friends. It is peer pressure. And peer pressure is simply people who are trying to win the approval of others and avoid the pain of rejection.

And most of us are more approval driven than we know. It affects every single area of our life. It affects our happiness and our joy whether it is a teenager or maybe a businessman who seeks to win the approval of his peers. Maybe he is a work-a-holic and he is driven by work more than anything else because he seeks the approval of his peers. He wants to be more successful than anyone else. It might be the office worker who is always polishing the apple for the boss, who is se ...

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