by Stan Coffey

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How To Tame Your Temper Part 1 (8 of 11)
Series: God's Wisdom for Life's Decisions
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 19:11

Today we look at God's Wisdom For Life's Decisions. Every day we face the decision, when we are frustrated, when someone wrongs us, when we hear something that upsets us, to be angry or not be angry. Then when we get angry, we are faced with the decision to stay angry or not stay angry. When somebody wrongs us, we are faced with the decision to stay angry with that person and to hold it against them or to not stay angry with the person and to release them from that debt that they owe us. In a real sense a grudge that we have against someone is a debt that we feel that they owe to us. We feel they owe us something because they have wronged us. They owe us an apology; they owe us to ask us for forgiveness. So everyday that we live, almost every day, somebody is going to frustrate us or something is going to frustrate us and we have a choice about what we are going to do with our temper.

So today we are going to talk about "How To Tame Your Temper." This is a lifelong learning process. I have found one thing is true about a temper, everybody has one, amen? Even the calmest of people have a temper. Sometimes, the calmest person in the world, if you provoke them long enough and often enough, has a temper that is even greater than someone who is often flies off the handle. Sometimes they postpone their temper but when you finally provoke them then you have provoked them and their temper lasts a long time. Their anger lasts a long time. So, the book of Proverbs is filled with verses about personal growth, how to grow personally, how to grow in Christ's likeness personally. It is just filled with verses about personal growth for life, personal growth in your own personal life as you seek to grow as an individual, as you seek to mature as an individual, become a better person, become a more successful person, become more successful in yo ...

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