by Stan Coffey

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Eight Keys For Making Wise Decisions (7 of 11)
Series: God's Wisdom for Life's Decisions
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 28:26

It is a blessing to know that God understands our tears, He sees our heart and He understands all of our needs. And this book of Proverbs certainly tells us that and as we study our series "God's Wisdom For Life's Decisions", I hope you feel yourself getting wiser and wiser. This is the book of wisdom in the Bible, the book of Proverbs. We have been in this study and we come now to the seventh in this study for "God's Wisdom For Life's Decisions" and I trust it has been a blessing to you.

Today we are talking about "Eight Keys For Making Wise Decisions." I don't know that we will cover all eight of these keys but we will cover as many as we can as time permits. We start out with one of the Proverbs but we are going to look at several Proverbs in the study today. Life is a series of choices. We make choices every day. Many of us have already made important choices in our life and some of us today because of the different ages; still have important choices to make. But all of us make choices everyday.

And we need to make wise choices, no matter what age we are or what stage of life we are in. We still find our self confronted with a series of choices each and every day. Choices like what job do we take or what house do we live in or who do we marry or what do we eat for supper, that might be an important choice or how do we invest our money or how do we advise our children or our grandchildren. We have a lot of important choices that we make each and every day. Life is a series of choices.

Choices determine the direction of our life and the destiny of our life. Some decisions have far reaching consequences and other decisions are not so far reaching. But many of the decisions we make determine our character, determine our destiny, and determine our eternity. Some people can make snap decisions and it doesn't bother ...

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