by Ernest Easley

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Self-Control for the Journey (9 of 9)
Series: Fruit for the Family
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Galatians 5:22-23
March 14, 2004

So as you are turning to Galatians 5 ... let me ask you "how has your fruit inspection gone during these last few weeks?" Sunday night after Sunday night as we have examined the fruit of the Spirit ... what shape have you found your fruit in? Well .. chances are that you have found some firm and some flimsy! And don't let that discourage you .. but rather let it encourage you! All that means is that YOU ARE ALIVE AND GROWING IN CHRIST!

We have learned that when it comes to the fruit of the Spirit .. that God doesn't give some of the fruit to some of the saints but that He gives all of the fruit to all of the saints! They are all yours through Christ and here's why: when you get saved .. you get all of God not some of God! You don't get God in installments! And when He comes into your life .. He comes in to take over! And the proof is not in the pudding .. it's in the fruit!

Tonight ... as we conclude our series of messages on FRUIT FOR THE FAMILY ... we come to the ninth and final facet of the fruit of the Spirit.

I remember as a boy growing up how I dreaded report-card day. In elementary school .. our report card had two sides. The left side recorded our grades. The right side recorded our conduct. And for some reason .. my parents .. especially my Father .. was as interested in the right side (conduct) as he was the left side (grades).

More often than not .. my teachers would check the box that said: NEEDS BETTER SELF CONTROL.

I'm afraid that more often than not .. when God inspects our lives and especially our fruit .. that He checks: NEEDS BETTER SELF CONTROL.

Tonight .. is your life out of control or is it under control? I read about a woman who had damaged her car and in order to collect the insurance .. she had to write a report as to what happened.

She wrote, "I was backing my car out o ...

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