by Ernest Easley

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Goodness for the Journey (6 of 9)
Series: Fruit for the Family
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Galatians 5:22-23; Exodus 34
February 15, 2004

Now let me say to our students here tonight .. that I know that you've had a wonderful weekend at DiscipleNow! I also know that you are tired .. some of you are very tired. And I want to make you a deal. If you will stay awake and if you'll take notes from tonight's message ... this message will be to the point .. and brief.

Now I can hear some of adults thinking, "Man, he has never cut a deal like that with us!" And you are correct .. I haven't! And until you participate in a DiscipleNow weekend .. don't look for one either!

Well .. let's get started! On these Sunday nights we've been talking about the fruit of the Spirit. You see .. when you decide to invite Jesus Christ into your heart .. from that moment on .. God begins developing in your life the nine facts of the fruit of the Spirit. And those nine facets are found in Galatians chapter 5. As you are turning to Galatians 5 .. you need to know that God gives all of the fruit to all of the Saints .. not some of the fruit to some of the Saints and here's why: these nine facets of fruit describe the character of God! And now that you know Jesus .. and now that Jesus has given you a new nature .. your life ought to be bearing much fruit.

You say, "Pastor, why should my life bear much fruit?" I think I'll let Jesus answer that question. John 15.8, "By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit ..."

The more fruit you bear .. the more glory God gets! That's why Ernest Easley wants to bear much fruit! Because the more fruit I bear ... the more like Jesus I'll be! And the more like Jesus I am .. the more glory God the Father receives!

Tonight .. we come to the sixth facet of the fruit of the Spirit:

God is love and through Jesus, we can love. God teaches us to love by putting unlovely people in our lives.

God is the source o ...

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