by Ernest Easley

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Longsuffering for the Journey (4 of 9)
Series: Fruit for the Family
Ernest L. Easley
Galatians 5:22; James 1:3-4
January 25, 2004

As you are turning to Galatians 5 ... what are you finding as you inspect the fruit of the Spirit in your life? Are you finding much fruit or a little fruit?

Are you finding fruit that is fully- developed or fruit that is under-developed? Are some facets of your fruit firm and other facts flimsy? Are some strong while others are shriveled? And if so .. why?

Remember .. the fruit of the spirit is not like the gifts of the spirit. God gives some gifts to some saints .. but He doesn't give all the gifts to all the saints.

But the fruit of the Spirit is different. God gives all the fruit to all the saints .. not some of the fruit to some of the saints! That means that all nine facts of the fruit of the Spirit are yours! That means you cannot choose some and refuse some because they are all yours!

What about "love?" Does that describe your life tonight? What about "joy?" Do people describe you as a joyful person or as a joyless person? How would you like to be married to you? Love and joy describe what it means to be saved! And if you don't have joy and love ... you're bad advertisement for Jesus!

When people walk in here to worship .. and they see and sense our joy in worship .. they won't wonder if we love Jesus or not!

"Christian" ought to mean "joyful." We ought to be the most joyful people on earth! The early church was!

And what about "peace?" Do you have "peace with God?" Have you stopped fighting God and started fellowshipping with God? Have you stopped warring and started worshipping?

The Bible says that "we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Have you experienced "peace with God?"

But not only "peace with God" but the "peace of God?" The kind of peace that gives you strength and stability when the storms come your way! Is the "peace of God ...

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