by Ernest Easley

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Love For The Journey (1 of 9)
Series: Fruit for the Family
Ernest Easley
Galatians 5:22; 1 Corinthians 13

Along with this new year comes a new series of messages. On Sunday mornings we are thinking about The Moral Collapse of America. But on these Sunday nights from Galatians chapter 5 we are thinking about Fruit for the Family. And the fruit we find the Apostle Paul talking about is the fruit of the Spirit.

So take your Bible along with your notepad as we begin a new Sunday night series of messages from Galatians chapter 5.

Now if you want to know if somebody is a born-again Jesus-loving child of God don't examine their spiritual gifts but rather inspect their fruit! The mark of a growing Christian is determined by the kind of fruit that they bear.

Now in inspecting the fruit of the Spirit you are actually inspecting yourself. You're going to find out if you are a mature, growing saint or an immature, non-growing saint. And it's revealed by your fruit! If you want to know how things are between you and the Lord Jesus just inspect the fruit! Now look at verse 19, ''Now the works of the flesh are evident'' And then he goes on to lists the works of the flesh the qualities that the flesh produces: ''adultery, fornication'' verse 21, ''those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.''

And let me say that if your life is described in verses 19-21 you need to either get right or get left!

Now having listed the works of the flesh beginning in verse 22 he begins to list the fruit of the Spirit. The first lists describes a lost person. The second list describes a saved person. One person lives by the flesh because they are led of the flesh while the other lives by the Spirit because they are led by the Spirit.

Verse 22, ''But the fruit of the Spirit is'' and then he begins listing these nine qualities.

Now don't think that there are nine fruits of the Spirit there are not. There are not nine fruits of the Spirit but rather ...

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