by Stan Coffey

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Faith for the Future (1 of 4)
Series: Faith for the Future
Stan Coffey
Romans 8:14-17

If you have your Bible turn to Romans 8:14-17. I have been noticing in the news about our nation that it seems like the citizens of our country are experiencing a crisis in hope. That is, it seems that many people have lost hope. Lost hope in our leaders, lost hope in our economy, lost hope in our future. And as we analyze what has happened, we realize that when you begin a new year, one of those things that are absolutely essential is to have hope. And to have hope for that difficult situation in your life, hope in that difficult challenge that you are going to face, hope in God's promises, hope that is based upon the Word of God and not just passing the time or the thought of the day but you cannot live without hope. There is a powerful, therapeutic healing, property to hope. You may not can put hope in a syringe and put it in your blood stream, you may not can put hope in to a tablet and take that tablet and let it go into your body and work on the cells of your body. Hope is not tangible, but at the same time, the power of hope is very, very real.

It seems that some of the news commentators and some of the experts were amazed to discover that in a study of heart patients, they discovered that there was a tremendous difference in the recovery rate of heart patients who pray and who had prayer go up to God for them and those who did not. And they concluded that those who knew that people were praying for them did much better. Their recovery was quicker and stronger and more lasting because they felt that they had hope given to them because they knew somebody was praying for them. Prayer gave them some kind of confidence. And of course, the world would explain that away in saying that there is a positive effect that happens in your body, there is chemistry between the mind and the body and the cells of the body whenever the mind has a positive outlook on our situation ...

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