by Kenneth C. Kroohs

Can You Trust God?
Kenneth Kroohs
Deuteronomy 15:7-11

May the words of my mouth ... And the meditations of all
Our hearts ... Be always acceptable to you --- our strength and
Our redeemer amen

One of the Scripture commentators I read this week made an interesting point. He said these lessons are perfect for this Sunday .. the 4th of July weekend.

I was glad he explained himself because I sure didn't follow that logic!! He explained that every single day we give each other a theological, patriotic, statement .. a statement about God and this country which is drawn from these lessons. Each day we hand each other papers which read: -- ''In God we trust.''

Fascinating thought. Certainly these lessons today are about trusting God. And, if our actions really mean anything about our beliefs, we claim to trust God. ... But do we? Do we trust God with our minds, our bodies, and our spirits? Our nation?

The Gospel's connection with trusting God is obvious ... Jesus even tells the father ... ''do not fear, only believe.'' The other lessons are not quite so obvious, so let's examine them to discover any examples they provide about our lives. About the decisions we make. The Greek word that is usually translated ''faith'' or ''belief'' could be translated as ''trust''. I am struck by how often the word ''trust'' more readily describes my struggles than even ''faith'' or ''belief''.

Asking if I believe in God sounds somewhat intellectual. Do I believe God exists? ... Sure I do! Do I believe God loves me and wants the best for me. Yes. .... Do I have ''faith'' in God? Yes. .... But all of those seem to me to be a half step removed from my life --- at least part of the time. I can believe in God ... I can have faith in God ... and then go on living my life without much concern for God's involvement in it. Shouldn't happen that way .. but it can.

For some reason, at least this week, it seems as if the word ''trust'' is much more personal .. more direct . ...

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