by Ernest Easley

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The Suffering Church (5 of 40)
Revelation 2:8-11
October 20, 2002
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

Now join me in GOD'S SPECIAL BOOK OF BLESSING, the book of Revelation, the Apocalypse which means to unveil, to uncover. Chapter by chapter, we find Jesus being unveiled which tells me that the book of Revelation is a book about Jesus!

Now last Sunday we learned that God provided us an outline of the Apocalypse. And that outline is found in Revelation 1:19,

* "Write the things which you have seen" (chapter 1, the glory of Jesus.)

* "...and the things which are" (chapters 2-3, the grace of Jesus where we find the seven letters to the seven churches of Asia, modern day Turkey.)

* "...and the things which will take place after this" (after what? After the church age. After the grace age.) That is found in chapters 4-22 as we read about the government of Jesus. How He will govern this world after the church is raptured up, up and away.

Now this morning we come to chapter 2:8 as we continue our tour of the seven churches of Asia Minor. But before we begin reading, let me remind you that:

-these seven churches were literal churches.
-they represent the conditions of all churches until the rapture takes place. In fact, I believe we are going to find RSBC described in these churches.
-they represent the attitudes of seven kinds of church members. Yes, there are good church members in bad churches and bad church members in good churches. And somewhere in our tour of these seven churches, you are going to find you!

In fact, some of you found yourself last Sunday in the church at Ephesus: The Sidetracked Church. They were a busy church, full of activities. They worked themselves to the point of physical exhaustion for the cause of Christ. But they were just going through the motions.

And because of it, their busyness had no blessing! Their activities had no anointing! Their programs and plans had ...

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