by Kenneth Boa

The Spiritual Life
Dr. Kenneth Boa

Once having placed your trust in Christ, these are the things that are true of every believer, every follower of Jesus Christ. And the reason why I gave you this list is simply to give you an encouragement, a tool that you can use to encourage you in your own growth. In fact, if you would remind me afterwards there is another tool I'd like to give you in a week or two. It is called Morning Affirmations. Some of you are using that and I need to get that into the rest of your hands. In fact I may teach it real soon. I will talk you through that then I'll do that. So if you will remind me afterwards, I'll do that. This talks about who we are in Christ Jesus and I'm not going to go through it again but if you need an extra copy of that just let me know. I think it is very prudent, very wise for you and me to remember and remind ourselves about who we are - and I will tell you why that is true. Because if you don't do that - if you are not really reinforcing these truths from Scripture, I promise you they will slip away. They will slip right through your fingers because they will not be reinforced anywhere else. They are not going to be reinforced in the world, you can be sure of that. They won't be reinforced on television, on the billboards, or in magazine articles. They are not going to be reinforced at all because they are a perception of life that is completely worlds apart from the world's perspective.

I have often said that you can pretty well take the value system that you see in the media and in advertisements and so forth and in our culture. And you can take the value system that we embrace as a group and as a culture, and you can pretty well take it and go 180 degrees - flip it on its head and you will have a reasonable approximation of a biblical value system - a pretty fair approximation. It's almost that far apart and that's why I keep telling people that the application of biblical truth - not j ...

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