by Rex Yancey

The Ministry of Personal Evangelism
Rex Yancey
Acts 8:26-40

There were several methods of evangelism used in the life of the early church. The book of Acts contains about thirty five years of the history of the early church. There is preaching evangelism, teaching evangelism, house to house evangelism, literary evangelism and personal evangelism. We must never minimize the importance of one on one evangelism.

Billy Graham preached to the largest gathering in Church history when he preached in Korea a number of years ago. Billy Graham has been greatly used of God in mass evangelism. However, the most effective evangelism is person to person. We all can't preach to stadiums filled with people. We can witness to those whom God places in our path.

In our text we have everything that is needed for the salvation of men. There is a lost Eunuch. There is an obedient Christian. There is the Word of God. There is the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These ingredients are found every time a person is born again.

I want us to dissect this witnessing encounter and see if we can learn some things that will help us.


I believe this man had experiences in his life that led up to this experience. I believe in the providence of God. I would guess he met some Christians in Jerusalem who went everywhere spreading the good news. God uses events in our lives to bring us to himself.

In my life he used a Christian mother. She switched me out of bed as a senior in high school to make me go to church. I tell people we had drugs in my day. My mother "drug" me out of bed and made me go to church. He used a country church in my life. He used preachers in my life. I would invite them home for dinner. I was at ease with God-called men at an early age. He used Vacation Bible School in my life.

One Friday in 1958 my pastor told a character story in Bible School. The character was Stuart Hamblin. Stuart was a ...

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