by Rex Yancey

Setting the Limits on God's Blessing
Rex Yancey
Isaiah 6:1-13

What you brought with you to church this morning will determine what you take with you when you leave.

There was a Russian diplomat who was invited by his American counterpart to go to the stadium to watch a professional football game. The Russian had never seen a game before. After the game was over, the American asked the Russian what he thought about the game. He said, "I never saw such first rate enthusiasm for such a second rate game." The knowledge of the game of football the Russian brought with him to the stadium limited and defined his enjoyment of the game.

I was in Paris on a mission trip in 2002. I went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. I am reminded of a story I heard about a man who was taken by the guide to see this painting. After he had gazed at it for a while, he told the guide that he did not see anything that special about the art work. The guide said, "Sir, this painting is not on trial, but you are." His knowledge of art he took with him into the museum limited and defined his appreciation of the painting.

I have been told that one can take a gold fish from his bowl, fill the bathtub with water and place the fish in it, and that fish will continue to swim in a small circle. The fish allows its past to define its future.

I believe we can do the same thing with worship. We can allow our past to define our future. What we bring with us to worship can limit and define what we take home with us.

I want us to notice what Isaiah brought with him into the temple, and what he took home with him.


King Uzziah had been on the throne for fifty two years. The nation of Judah had experienced prosperity and peace during his reign. I expect his death then was the equivalent to what some of us felt when we received the news that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated.

When a nation loses a leader there is a g ...

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