by Rex Yancey

The Truth about the New Birth
Rex Yancey
John 3:1-9

Since Jimmy Carter's presidency, the news media has had much to say about the new birth. Much of what they have said has shed a tainted picture of Christians who have been described as born again. Actually, a born again Christian is a misnomer, for there is only one kind of true Christian, and that is a born again one.

Three senior adults were talking. One said, "You know, when I am before a mirror, I do not know if I am dressing or undressing." Another one said, "Well, when I am in my car, I do not know if I am going or coming back." The other one said, "Well, I am glad that nothing like that has ever happened to me, knock on wood. Would you excuse me while I answer the door?"

There are some things I may not be able to remember that happened to me when I was a child. But I remember the Friday when I was born again.

This morning, I want us to get the truth about the new birth. In order to do that we want go to the media or to those who make fun of the new birth. We will go to the Bible, God's inspired Word.

Someone asked Charles Spurgeon once why he preached on the new birth every Sunday?" He said, "Because you must be born again!"

I want us to look at Nicodemus's character, conviction, concern, and change.


Nicodemus is a Greek name that means "victor over the people." Many of the Hebrews were given Greek personal names. Nicodemus is described PHYSICALLY as a man. I wish more men would come to Jesus. We have this idea that one has to be a wimp to be a Christian. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It takes a real man to stand for Christ in today's world.

Nicodemus is described RELIGIOUSLY as a Pharisee. They were the most deeply religious brotherhood in all Judaism. We give them a hard time. However, they are the ones who preserved Judaism through the Hellenistic period under Alexander the Great. They w ...

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