by Rex Yancey

How to Deal with Worry
Rex Yancey
Matthew 6:25-34

There was a man who was a chronic worrier. He had the reputation of worrying about everything. But one day a friend met this man and found him smiling and cheerful. Impressed by the change, the friend asked, "What's happened to you?" You don't seem to have a worry in the world." The worrier answered, "I don't. I don't worry at all anymore." He added, "I hired a man to do all of my worrying for me." The friend asked, "How much do you pay him?" He said, "I pay him one thousand dollars a week." "A thousand dollars a week," he exclaimed, "How can you afford to pay him a thousand dollars a week?" "That's his worry," the chronic worrier explained.

Most of us would like to hire someone to do our worrying for us. However, if we could find such a person, we wouldn't be able to pay him. A better thing for us to do is to learn how to deal with our worry.

Someone has suggested that there are 779,692 words in the Bible. Worry is not one of them. Worry is irreverent, for it fails to recognize the God who gave us life and is sustaining it. Worry is irrelevant, because it does not change things, nor does it help in coping with our problems. Worry is irresponsible, because it burns up needed energy that could be used for more constructive things.

This morning I want us to get a handle on our worrying.


The old preachers were "not" preachers. They would define what something was by explaining what it was not.

1. Worry is not refusing to take life seriously. The wording of the KJV can be misleading. It reads "Take no thought." Let me assure you that one needs to give serious thought to life. Where will I go to college? What will I choose as a career? Will I marry or remain single?? Who will be my mate? How many children will we have? Where will we live? Where will we serve the Lord in church? Life is serious and we had better give some t ...

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