by Rex Yancey

The Armor of God
Rex Yancey
Ephesians 6:10-20

The Roman emperor Julian might have lived longer if he hadn't thought
himself to be invulnerable. He actually believed, as a lot of people do
today, erroneously, that the enemy would never destroy him. He believed
that no sword or spear could be thrust at him that would get him. With this
kind of fanatical illusion there is always a problem. One puts his guard
down before he ever goes into the battle- and he did just that! In the
fieriest battle in which he expected to recover with rapidity, he died! And
that was the end of that!

J. B. Phillips in RING OF TRUTH rebutted criticism that his minister
friend had received who had committed suicide. Phillips said, "I have never
met a Christian who is not tempted sometimes severely and for great lengths
of time, to take his own life. And I don't think I have met an agnostic who
knows what we talk about when we speak of spiritual warfare."

James said, "Count it all joy." The Christian lives in a no man's land.
He lives in the face of opposing forces, God and Satan. Paul suggests that
a Christian has no hope of winning the battle of the Christian life unless
he is dressed appropriately for the battle. There are many who claim to be
Christians today who do not even know that a battle is going on. But dear
friend, there is one! God has provided us with armor. This armor is not to
be polished so it can be exhibited in a museum. It is to be used in the
battle of life.

We need to recognize several things if we are to be victorious in
Christian living. I want us to see the strength of the Savior, the strategy
of Satan, and the suitable armor for the saint.


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