by Duane Bemis

From Pig to Saint in Three Easy Steps
Duane Bemis
Psalm 40:2

Once again I was in the middle of worshipping God when I received yet another vision from on High. Once again I was lost in the vision and the scriptures, which flooded my soul. I was to preach this next week from the book of Malachi chapter three, but it seemed as though the Lord had another plan. I have learned to throw down my own agenda and to pick up His. Wherever He is going is where I want to be. I just want to sit at His feet and learn from the Master. Like a little boy I just wanted to go where Abba Father was going. Because I know where my Heavenly Father goes is going to be fun and exciting. I want to be close behind Him. Let us begin this new journey with a word of prayer or simply put; let us talk to God.

"Father, I want to go where You are going. Lead my heart, mind, and soul to this place of becoming a Saint. I want to become Your Saint. I want to be taken completely out of the pig's miry mud pit. I have lived there all too long. Open the mind, heart, and soul of the reader to truly hear with their ears everything that the Spirit is saying to the church. Amen and amen."

Step number one is to allow God to pull you all the way out of the horrible pit. Look once again at the cover drawing. The man once lived in that muddy pit of sin. Notice as the Spirit of the Lord is taking him out that the man hungers to be pulled completely out of the miry clay. He wants all the way out of the wallow. Pigs wallow in the mud not saints. Pigs love it but in order for us to become Saints of God we must desire to come out of the mud, completely out of the pit. David in the Psalms says it this way:

"He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps." (Psalm 40:2) NKJ

As you read, you see David was glad and full of gratefulness about coming all the way out of the muddy slop. He describes the pit of mud as a horrible place ...

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