by Bob Wickizer

The Potter
Bob Wickizer
Jeremiah 18:1-11; Psalm 139:1-5,12-17; Philemon 1-21; Luke 14:25-33

Let's start this morning's lesson with a quick Bible and earth science quiz. The adults out there can help in case you get stumped. First question – In the book of Genesis when God made the first human being named Adam, what was the material God used to make Adam? {clay – show the jar of dry clay} Next question – What is the material we use to make pottery? {clay – show a jar of clay soil mixed with water} Very good.

How many of you have seen a person with a potter's wheel making a round piece of pottery? Today potters use an electric motor to turn the wheel but at the time of the prophet Jeremiah, potters used a wheel turned by the potter's feet. The important thing is that today just as in the time of Jeremiah, potters used the same kind of wheel on top to turn the pot in their hands as they made it. {show a lazy suzan with some clay on it for turning a modeling clay pot}

As a potter works on her pottery, she will examine the work with a very critical eye knowing just how to make it right. But sometimes the clay or the wheel or the water in the clay isn't doing what the potter wants so she must lump it all together and start over again. I've seen potters start more than ten times on a single piece.

Next the potter paints the pot with a material called glaze to give it the color she wants. When the potter has the wet clay pot exactly the way she wants it what does she do next? She puts it in a very hot oven and fires it to make the clay very hard. {show a finished piece of pottery} Even the process of firing a pot in the oven doesn't always work out the way the potter intends. A good piece of pottery will have a nice ring to it when you tap it. {tap the pot so they can hear it ring. Tap a flower pot to show how it doesn't ring.} After the firing process, if a pot still doesn't ring true, the potter may shatter the pot, grind up the material and put ...

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