by Ernest Easley

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The Way to God (2 of 6)
Series: Touring the Tabernacle
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 25:8-9; 27:1-8; Hebrews 9:6-14
July 11, 2004

I hope that you are enjoying the summer! When I was growing up ... I couldn't wait for summer when school was out. And then when our children were growing up .. I couldn't wait for summer to end so that school would start!

For many people .. summer is that time of the year of breaking the monotony and going on vacation! Somebody once said that a vacation is what you take if you can't take what you've been taking!

Frankly .. no one needs a vacation as much as the person who just had one! Besides ... a real vacation makes you feel good enough to return to work and so poor that you have to.

Well ... on these summer Sunday mornings .. we are taking a little trip together. In fact .. it's more than a trip .. it's a tour that you cannot afford to miss.

We are touring the Old Testament Tabernacle! And what makes this tour so important is that this tour settles once-and-for-all how anybody .. regardless of their background .. regardless of their baggage .. regardless of their nationality .. regardless of how deep they are into sin ... can find God and know God and have fellowship with God.

YOU CAN FIND GOD! You really can!

YOU CAN HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD. You can! And the good news is that:
once you find God .. you find peace!
once you find God .. you find forgiveness!
once you find God .. you find purpose!

And so many people are missing peace. It's like that man who was threatening to jump off of a bridge. The authorities called in a local psychologist to try to talk him out of it. After a thirty minute visit with him on the bridge ... they both jumped!

A few weeks ago Julie and I were caught in a traffic jam on I75. I mean .. we were going no where. Well .. come to find out .. the traffic had stopped because of a man who ...

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