by Ernest Easley

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The Way to God (1 of 6)
Series: Touring the Tabernacle
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 25.1-9; 27:16
June 27, 2004

Now that summer is here ... many of you will be taking vacations with your family or friends. For many people ... summer time means breaking the monotony and going places they have never been.

A couple of weeks ... I was visiting with a beautiful five year old girl after worship. She said, "Pastor, guess where I'm going this summer?" I said, "I don't know .. tell me." She said, "On a cruise to the Bahamas."

My ... how times have changed! When I was five years old .. I couldn't even pronounce "Bahamas" .. much less know it was a real place or that people went on cruises. But that is the day that we're living in.

Well .. with summer trips taking place ... I want to invite you to join me this summer on a very special trip ... in fact ... it's more than a trip .. it's a tour. And as your Tour Guide ... I asking you to join me right here on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.

I can promise you that this tour will be an eye- opener! In fact ... it may be the most important tour that you will ever experience and here's why: this tour will settle once and for all how a sinful man can find a sinless God!

You've heard of "Finding Waldo?" Well .. in this tour .. you are going to learn how to "Find God" and here's why: because you need God! And the reason you need God is because you need forgiveness .. you need peace .. you need purpose!

When you find God ... you find forgiveness!
When you find God .. you find peace!
When you find God .. you find purpose!
You may not be able to find Waldo ... but you can find God!

Now as your Tour Guide ... I hope you have with you the Tour Map. Every tour has a map and this tour is no exception. And what makes our Tour Map so special is that it is an infallible map! So take your Tour Map and join me in the Old Testament book of Exodus. And once there ... find chapter 25 ...

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