by Stan Coffey

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The Secret of Satisfaction (10 of 10)
Series: Timeless Values for Today's Family
Stan Coffey
Exodus 20:17

If you have your Bible I invite you to turn in God's Word to Exodus 20:17. Today we come to the conclusion of a series of messages on values, ''Timeless Values for Today's Family''. And the values that we find in the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses so long ago are the values upon which we can still build strong families, strong lives, strong character, and strong homes. These are the values we want to pass on to our children. And today we want to talk about ''The Secret Of Satisfaction''. As we talk about the tenth of the Ten Commandments, ''thou shalt not covet.''

You could just put a period after you shall not covet. Milton Bradley has a board game called ''Mall Madness''. And the description of the game is sort of like monopoly in reverse. You are given two hundred dollars and the first one to move down the board and spend all their money and moves into the winner's spot, wins because they are the first one to go broke. And that is the kind of society that we live in today. We live in a world where no matter how much we have it is never enough. Madison Avenue and our culture are based on getting more. Never being content with what we have but always wanting more.

I heard about a survey of female teenagers. You girls can tell me if this is true of you or not, I don't know if it is but 93% of a group of female teenagers surveyed said that their number one favorite pass time was shopping. That may be outdated, I don't know what is happening in our world, things are going crazy, but we are living in a different culture, we are living in a different time.

And one fellow said if my wife doesn't go to the mall at least three times a week I send her a get well card! People are just involved in wanting to acquire things. And the Bible warns us about this. The Bible says, you shall not covet.


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