by Stan Coffey

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Honest Kids in a Dishonest World (8 of 10)
Series: Timeless Values for Today's Family
Stan Coffey
Exodus 20:15

This morning I want to continue the series on the Ten Commandments. We have been talking about "Timeless Values For Today's Family". We want to talk today about "Raising Honest Kids In A Dishonest World."

God states very simply in this verse – you shall not steal. But we are living in a world today when it seems there are more ways to break this commandment than ever before. It seems that con artists and modern technology has given man even more means of breaking this commandment. For example in Moses' day they didn't have computer hackers who were able to break into computer systems and steal information that does not belong to them. They didn't have many of the things that we have today.

Josh McDowell has written a book called "Right or Wrong". And in that book he reveals a survey of not just society as a whole but of Christian young people. Young people who go to church every Sunday. And do you know what that survey reveals? That we have failed to pass on the value of honesty to a generation. We have young people today who are not convinced that it is wrong to steal, that it is wrong to steal property or it is wrong to steal in any form. We have young people who have no conviction of cheating on a test, stealing information in order to make a better grade. In fact many young people who are in church said that what is sin to me may not be sin to you. And that it may not always be wrong to steal. There might be a situation in which you could find yourself that it would be appropriate, that it would be right for you to steal.

But long ago, God recognized the right of property ownership. And one of the things that I was taught from my parents and I am sure many of you were was that I ought to respect the property of other people. And one of the ways I show my respect for the property of other people is by not taking th ...

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