by Stan Coffey

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The Supreme Value of Human Life (6 of 10)
Series: Timeless Values for Today's Family
Stan Coffey
Exodus 20:13

Today we want to speak on the subject of ''The Supreme Value of Human Life.'' If you have your Bible I invite you to turn to Exodus 20:13. We are in this series of ''Timeless Values for Today's Family.'' One of the timeless values is the supreme value of human life. And in a day when human life has been so cheapened and seems so futile sometimes, we need to be reminded that one of the values upon which our country was built was the supreme value of human life. Human life was so important that Jesus came down from heaven into a world of woe. And He lived upon the earth 33 years and died on the cross because you and I are valuable to Him. He loves us. We matter to Him. And that is what makes human life so valuable, God's love for each and every human being who has lived or ever shall live or does live on the face of this earth.

A better translation of the word kill is murder. Thou shalt not murder or you shall not murder. Four words very simple. And you might think this is a very unnecessary message because number one all of us know what murder is and number two how many murderers do we have in this church this morning? Well, this is a message that you may not think you need, but I believe God has something very important to us to say in this message about the value of human life.

The first thing I want you to see is what this command is not about because this is one of the most misunderstood, misdirected, and misapplied of all the ten commandments. What does it really mean when it says, you shall not murder? It is not prohibiting the killing of animals. In Genesis 9:3 God said, ''Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I have given you the green plants, I now give you everything.''
It is all right to be a vegetarian if you want to be, but it doesn't necessarily make you more spiritual. The Bible doesn't command us to be v ...

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