by Stan Coffey

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Help for Hurting Parents (5 of 10)
Series: Timeless Values for Today's Family
Stan Coffey
Exodus 20:12

We are talking about ''Timeless Values For Today's Family''. Things change but God doesn't, amen? God's Word never changes and what God said in the Ten Commandments so long ago still is valid today for our families. God gave us a foundation on which to build the three institutions that God founded, the institution of the home, the institution of the government, and the institution of the church. All of these are built on the same principles if they are to be built successfully. And today we are living in a time that people have gotten away from these values. Many children who are growing up now are not growing up with the same values that you and I had when we grew up. Families are fragmenting at an alarming pace. Every 30 seconds there is a divorce in America. 60% of all second marriages fail. Kids now can divorce their parents. Did you ever think you would see such a thing, and yet we are seeing it today? And one of the reasons is because of the disregard of the fifth

This is not a suggestion from God, this is a commandment. Honor your father and your mother. We are told in the Bible that this is the first commandment that God gave that has a promise attached to it. The Lord promises blessing and longevity to those who honor their father and mother. And there is no time limit or age limit on this. It is not just talking about honor your father and mother until you grow up and leave home. No age limit. The Bible says we are to continue to do this. You may be 80 years old and your mother or father is 100, you are still supposed to honor your father and your mother.


I want us to look first of all at the purpose for this commandment. What is the purpose for honoring your parents? Why did God give us this great value of honoring our parents? Well, first of all God wants us to know there are no perfect parents ...

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