by Stan Coffey

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Rest for Stressed out Families (4 of 10)
Series: Timeless Values for Today's Family
Stan Coffey
Exodus 20:8-11

We have been studying a series of messages on ''Timeless Values For Today's Family''. We have been talking about returning to the values that many of us grew up with. The values, that in large part, many of the people of our nation have drifted away from. Many of the leaders of our nation have drifted away from. And today we come to part 4 in this series and the title of the message is ''Rest For Stressed Out Families''. Anybody who doesn't need this, I guess you can leave at this time. I don't see anybody leaving, including my self, ''Rest For Stressed Out Families''. I want us to turn in our Bibles to Exodus 20:8.

As we look at ''Timeless Values For Today's Families'', we are going to think about ''Rest For Stressed Out Families''. Somebody said we need to get back to the old time values of our fathers and grandfathers. We need to go back further than that, amen? We need to go back all the way to the Ten Commandments because those are the values upon which our judicial system is built. Those are the values represented worldwide by all the major religions of the world. And one of these, the fourth one, and the fourth commandment that God gave has to do with rest, and with the Sabbath day. He actually spends more verses on this commandment than He has any of the previous ones. And this shows us how important that it is.

The Good News version says, ''Observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy. You have six days in which to do your work, but the seventh day is a day of rest dedicated to me. On that day, no one is to work.'' When the American people are interviewed in a typical survey regarding their emotional state, anywhere from 65% - 75% of the working force will say that they are either burned out or they feel that they are at a point of being burned out. There can be no doubt that in view of all of the nervous breakdowns, the hospitals that a ...

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