by Jesse Hendley

What We as Christians Should Be Doing for One Another
Jesse M. Hendley
John 15:17

You know, it is a wonderful thing to study "The Last Day" in the Bible. The other day I received on my desk a word that came to us from the outstanding Baptist paper in Texas, The Baptist Standard, and there is an article in there by a chaplain who said, "Is it well with us?" He was talking about Baptist work (being a Baptist), and his suggestion was that IT IS NOT WELL WITH US, according to his observation. His message, his printed word, was thought-provoking, and it shows the way real men of God are thinking today. He pointed out that there are multitudes of church members today who do not consider worshipping at the House of God on the Lord's Day. Some not even once; and many not twice. Multitudes never come to a prayer meeting on a Wednesday night or a Bible Study. Then he said, "It is an alarming thing to realize the IMMORALITY among church members today." That's the word of a man who knows what he is talking about. Immorality! He said that the chaplains see many of the Baptist fellows coming in and how easy it is for them to forsake entirely the outward trappings of their religion and live just like the rest of the world lives, just like pagans.

Well, it is the days in which we live. Part of it is due to the PREACHING. Some preachers, say, "I don't think the people are to be stirred up. They are already stirred up. So on Sunday morning I need to give them a tranquilizing sermon." That sort of thing. Yet God's Word says that WE ARE TO STIR UP His people, that there is none that stirreth himself to take hold of Him! And God's Word says, "Cry aloud! Lift up your voice like a trumpet, and tell My people about their sins."

Another thing, today modern psychiatry and psychology and preaching is trying to do away with FEAR. My beloved friends, what ever you may say about victory over FEAR, there is one fear I pray God I'll never have victory over, and that is THE FEAR OF SI ...

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