by Jesse Hendley

What Sort of Life Shall I Live in the New Year?
Jesse M. Hendley
Philippians 1:21

Turn with me, please, to the Book of Philippians, and we are thinking today of the sort of life we want to live in the New Year. Some Christians are THINKING people. That is, they SEEK to think about the best sort of life. Everybody does to some degree although many people do not really go into it but just drift with the current. But many people do think and do want to live the sort of life that will be the most effective, the happiest, the most blessed, and particularly the life of the Christian because that is the only one that can be effectual and blessed.

''What sort of life shall I live?''

The Apostle Paul answers it in Philippians 1:21 where he says, ''For to me to live is Christ.'' To me, TO LIVE is CHRIST! What is Paul saying here? He is not simply saying, ''The one thing I want above everything else is to live FOR Christ.'' That isn't what Paul is talking about here at all. Paul is saying, ''When I LIVE, CHRIST is living again His Life on this earth. Christ reproduces His Life IN and THROUGH me, so that when I, Paul, am living, CHRIST IS LIVING AGAIN and reproducing His life in this present world.'' Isn't that an amazing thing? For Paul to live was for CHRIST to live again through him!

Before the Son of God went back to heaven, He said, ''Greater works than these (which I have done) shall YE do.'' Jesus was just one Christ in this world, but every Christian whose life is totally surrendered to Him will be ANOTHER Christ walking around on this earth. That is what we have in this passage.

Paul was such a Christian! Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing today if EVERY CHRISTIAN was so totally devoted to Christ that Christ could think His thoughts through them and speak His words through them and do His deeds through them? Only to the degree that we YIELD to Christ and LET Him live His life through us are we really living THE CHRISTIAN LIFE.

What I am thinking ...

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