by Jesse Hendley

What Salvation Really Is
Jesse M. Hendley
John 3:16

What salvation really is! That is our subject today and there is nothing more important than this. Whatdifference does it make, if we know much about the Bible and we study the prophecies and the history of the Bible and the great men and women of the Bible, if we do not know God's plan of salvation? PERSONALLY, friends, do not take it for granted, if you have never really studied it, that you know God's plan of salvation. Everywhere I go I find that people are interested in this. Many people have been around the Bible all their lives but have never known whether or not they are saved. I have recently been meeting with some young people and they are seriously listening to God's plan of salvation. They have been raised in Christian homes and in the church, but it is something else to know for one's self how to be saved and to have the assurance of salvation.

In some areas today people make light of the very word salvation. We had better not do it. I remind you that this is a Bible term. Let's use the terms the Bible uses. The word salvation means "to be safe" in its ultimate meaning. To be saved means tohe in right relationship with God, so that we can be taken care of adequately and go home to live with Him forever.

So we are dealing with the question of what salvation really is and who indeed are the saved. May these Scriptures be a blessing to your heart.

The Holiness of God

First of all, let me remind you of THE Holiness OF GOD. We must go into this. We must understand that God is, an absolutely HOLY being. He says that He charges His angels with folly and even the starsare not pure in His sight. By the holiness of God we mean that God is beyond sin. He never sins. He is incapable of sinning. He never does anything wrong or says anything wrong or thinks anything wrong. He is always perfect in what He says and thinks and does. God is an absolutely HOLY Being. We must believe that. It is th ...

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