by Jesse Hendley

Victory in Jesus
Jesse M. Hendley
Philippians 2

How many people do you know who are living in Christian victory? Victory starts in the mind. It is from the heart. "Out of the heart proceed these things," God Said. Both victory and defeat come from the heart and the thinking of the mind so let's look, today, at the mind of a Christian.

What sort of a mind does a child of God have? We do not expect an unsaved person to have a Christian mind. We do not expect him to think like a Christian, but WE ought to think the things that God tells us to think.

Now first of all a Christian must be born again. He must have the life of God and he must receive Christ into his heart to think like he ought to think. "The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God. They are foolishness unto him."

A lot of people say, "I read the Bible and I don't get a thing out of it. It's a lot of foolishness to me. Why waste my time on it? Well, he's a natural man. He hasn't been born again. How can he understand the Bible?

Somebody says, "I don't understand the Cross of Jesus or the plan of salvation. Why did Jesus die on that Cross?" A natural person does not understand this and until a person really humbles himself and by faith receives Christ he cannot understand the things of God. An unsaved person has not the mind of a Christian. He has the mind of a non-Christian and he does not think the things of God and he does not live the life of God because he's Godless. We are either Godly or Godless.

We become Christians, not by what we do, turning over new leaves, trying to merit or buy it, but we become Christians by receiving the Lord Jesus into our hearts and when He comes in we have life.

I said to some friends, "You know the emphasis ought not to be on the word "believe." The emphasis ought to be on life, for there is a sort of believing today that doesn't produce any Life at all. There are people today who say, "I'm a believer," but they cert ...

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