by Jesse Hendley

Unto You -- The Forgiveness of God
Jesse M. Hendley
Numbers 14:18

Here is a letter I have received, and I want to answer it on the broadcast this morning. This letter has no signature. It is anonymous. Some people say, "Throw anonymous letters in the wastebasket!" But I don't do that. It's according to the letter. I certainly wouldn't THIS one, because it is from a needy heart.

"Dear Brother Hendley: Will you please pray for me? I want to be a real Christian, but I have committed some horrible sins and they haunt me day and night. I beg and pray and cry and worry and try to trust and believe, but I am afraid I have committed an unpardonable sin or a sin unto death. Such horrible thoughts go through my mind. It seems I cannot control them. Please pray that God may forgive me. I will give my life to Him if He will forgive me and have that peace that passes all understanding. I am so afraid I am going to hell. I can almost hear it, it seems. Preacher, I beg you to please pray for me that if it is His will He will forgive a poor, hell-deserving wretch like me. Again I say, please pray. God bless you. Yours truly. Worried almost to death."

You think God's Heart isn't touched by that? If my heart is touched by it, and if other people's hearts (who love the Lord) are touched by it, how much MORE is God's Heart touched by that? God does want to save, and God WILL save, and IT IS His will to forgive!

First, let's go to the Lord in prayer, and I am asking our radio friends to pray now for this particular person, and ask that this very moment God will let her see that He LOVES her and that He FORGIVES SIN, forgives HER sin, that He went to all the trouble to give us the Bible so that she might know His true thoughts about her, of love and forgiveness, that He gave His only begotten SON that she might know that that is HOW MUCH He loved HER. Jesus died FOR HER. If there hadn't been anybody else in the world, He would have died just for HER. And that goes for ea ...

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