by Rick Ferguson

Rick Ferguson
Ephesians 4:1-3

As we enter Chapter 4 of Ephesians we enter the last half of the book. Ephesians is a beautiful example of the way the apostle Paul always maintained a balance between doctrine and duty. The first three chapters of Ephesians have dealt primarily with Christian doctrine and the last three chapters will deal primarily with Christian duty i.e., our responsibilities to Christ.

The key word for the first half of the book was WEALTH. The key word for the second half is WALK. Paul is going to admonish us to walk in

(1) Unity (4:1-16).
(2) Purity (4:17-5:17).
(3) Harmony (5:18-6:9).
(4) Victory. (6-e t)

We have probably under-emphasized the importance of the Christian . We find it easy to tell people of the wealth we have in Christ, but lost people generally are not receptive to the walk which we have in Christ.

Many people want a simple, easy-believism Christianity. They want all the wealth of the Lord's bounty but they do not want the walk of the Lord's burden. Therefore, we often witness to people and share with them concerning the wealth they can have in Christ, however, most of us are reluctant to inform the lost person of the walk we must have in Christ. As a result, we have many who claim to be Christians and have filed claim on Christ's wealth but have failed ever to fill the demands of Christ' walk.

Genuine Christianity includes wealth and walk, doctrine and duty, riches and responsibility, salvation and service, conversion and a cross. Any other type of Christianity is false and not genuine.

NOTE: Both wealth and walk, salvation and service are the two sides to the same coin. Both are necessary. Satan has produced two misrepresentations of genuine Christianity.

(1) Genuine salvation - many denominations have stopped emphasizing salvation and conversion.

Ex. Recently at a Rotary Meeting it was announced that a local church was adding a new requirement to its confirmation pr ...

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