by Stan Coffey

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The Touch of the Master's Hand (9 of 10)
Series: A Mighty Savior
Stan Coffey
Luke 5:12-14

I want to continue a series of messages that we have been preaching entitled "A Mighty Savior." I want you to turn to Luke 5: 12 as we read from God's Word about "the Touch of the Master's Hand." We have a mighty Savior. Our church is built upon the belief and conviction that He is still a mighty Savior today. He hasn't lost His power, hasn't changed His compassion. Jesus is still reaching out, He is still changing lives today. He is still giving hope to the hopeless; He is still bringing comfort to burdened hearts today. And that is what Jesus wants to do in this service today. Not that you just hear a message, but that Jesus would minister to your heart and to your life today through His Word.


Now as we look at this story, the very first thing that I want you to see is the condition of the sinner. Because in the Bible leprosy is always symbolic of the disease of sin, leprosy was a terrible, terrible disease. And here is a man who is full of disease. It wasn't that he just had a light case of leprosy or a spot of leprosy, but verse 12 says he was full of leprosy. Leprosy was coming to a concluding stage and the only alternative was either a miracle of God or death. And this man had gone through the horrible stages of the progressive disease of leprosy.

Leprosy is like sin because leprosy begins small and then spreads all throughout the body. Sin begins small. It may be just a little flirtation but it may lead to adultery and to the destruction of a marriage. It may be in your life just a social drink, but it may lead to alcoholism and the destruction of your home and your family. It may be some sin no one knows about, a private sin, secret sin, that you think is covered and you say it really doesn't make any difference, but sin is like leprosy because it will invade more and more and more of your life. And h ...

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