by Stan Coffey

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Loosing the Bound (6 of 10)
Series: A Mighty Savior
Stan Coffey
Luke 13:10-17

I have been speaking about "A Mighty Savior" and I want to continue that theme as we turn to Luke 13:10. Jesus is a might Savior who stands with us, who in the midst of it all is there. And we see in Luke 13 how Jesus the mighty Savior looses those who are bound. There are many of God's people who are bound this morning. They are bound by guilt, they are bound by fear, they are bound by defeat, and they are bound by depression. Here is a woman who was a child of God and yet Satan had bound this woman but she came to church one day and the mighty Savior was there. And I pray that God will liberate, will loose the bounds from your life today anything that might be keeping you from living in victory, walking in victory, serving in victory, Jesus will touch your life today as He touched the life of this woman in this wonderful story.

That is how church ought to be, the people of God rejoicing in a mighty Savior who has come and visited the service and loose people from their bonds. When Jesus touches our lives, He touches every area of our being. You know that we are the threefold being. The Bible says when God made us He made us a tri-unity. There is the physical being, the body with which we relate to the world about us. There is the spiritual being with which we relate to God above us. And then of course there is the mental or psychological being with which we relate to the self that is within us. We have a world consciousness, we have a God consciousness, and we have a self consciousness.


Now here was a woman who had been crippled in every one of these areas in her life. The first thing we see in this story is the cripple. She had been crippled in her body, she had been crippled in her spirit, and she had been crippled in her mind or in her psyche in her view of herself. And as we look at this woman, we see that Jesus said she had a spirit ...

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