by Stan Coffey

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Four Calls To Give Christ My All (7 of 11)
Series: What's In It For Me?
Stan Coffey
II Corinthians 5:11, 14-21

We are talking about the life God rewards. It is really a different concept that what I was taught growing up. I was taught that we should never think about our rewards that we are going to get from the Lord, that we ought to just serve Him out of love. And that is a worthy reason we ought to serve the Lord, Amen? We ought to serve Him because we love Him. That ought to be one of the great reasons that we serve the Lord, because we love the Lord.

We all should serve the Lord also because He is going to reward us one day and that reward is going to be something that we will enjoy and something that will make us enjoy heaven. And that is something that should motivate us to know that everything we do, every act of kindness, every thing that we do no matter how little or small is going to have eternal consequences. So when you ask the question, does it really pay to serve the Lord, what is in it for me if I serve the Lord? It is really a significant question that will impact your life not only here but it will impact your life for all of eternity.

Now today I want to mention for calls to give Christ my all. Hopefully that's a little title you can remember, "Four calls to give Christ my all". Now I find these calls in II Corinthians 5. The apostle Paul addresses the church of Corinth and I believe he is trying to motivate them. Pastors are constantly trying to motivate their people. They are doing this thing and that thing trying to get people to give, or trying to get people to serve, or trying to get people to do something for the Lord. And we pastors spend a great deal of our time trying to be motivators. We just had Zig Ziglar here and he was such a blessing because he is such an encourager. He is not only a business motivator or a sales motivator but he is a great Christian. Several men as a result of his being here accepte ...

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