by Stan Coffey

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God Will Open to You the Windows of Heaven! (6 of 11)
Series: What's In It For Me?
Stan Coffey
Malachi 3:10

Have you ever thought much about the windows of heaven? What God means when He says, I will open to you the windows of heaven? Of course, that is a figure of speech with a very powerful, powerful message. Now you know I love windows. I love windows a great deal, I love windows in a home, I love windows in buildings, and I love windows because they let the light in. And I love to be at a place where there is a lot of light. And I love windows because they allow those who are inside to look out upon God's wonderful creation. If you look out in the day and you see a bird, if you work up here, you may see a rabbit or a quail or any kind of wildlife and it is wonderful to have windows that you may look out on God's creation, whether you are in your home or the place you work. Windows are a wonderful, wonderful blessing. I love windows of all sizes and windows of all shapes. When we built this building and relocated our church one of the things I wanted to do was bring these beautiful windows, the stain glassed windows from the old church and put them in here because they represent something special. They represent the hard work and the dedication of those who have gone before us in the past, the struggle and the toil of those who laid the foundation for what our church is today. And they tell the story of Jesus, so these windows are very special to me.

And you know if you look in the Bible much is said about windows, much is said about the windows of heaven. Many times in the Bible you read that God opened the windows. And when God opened the windows He did several things. You know, when I look in the Bible I see that Daniel prayed every day but before he prayed he opened his window facing Jerusalem. It's as though Daniel was saying, Lord before I pray I want to be sure the window to heaven is open. And he opened that window even when ...

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