by Stan Coffey

Deathbed Conversion
Stan Coffey
Luke 23:39-43

Now to me this is one of the most wonderful examples of conversion in all the word of God. Here is a man who did not deserve to be saved, here is a man who had come to the very end of his life, he had never repented of his sins, he had never given his life to Jesus, he was not a member of any church probably, he had lived a life of rebellion against God and yet the love of Jesus is so great that no matter what his sin had been and no matter where his sin had brought him Jesus was willing in that hour to say to him, today you will be with Me in paradise. Oh the grace of God today. The grace of God reaches to the very depths of human need and no matter who you are today and no matter what you have done and no matter how many times you have rejected Christ, if you call upon Him today, the Bible says, you can be instantaneously and wonderfully and gloriously converted by the power of Jesus Christ. And you know, this story refutes so many doctrines that are false about salvation. For example, the false doctrine of purgatory is refuted by this story because Jesus said to him, "today you will be with Me in heaven, in paradise. He did not have to go to some purgatory and there for a while have his sins purged and then he would go to be with the Lord, but he received the gift of eternal life immediately. And immediately upon his death, he went to be with Jesus. The doctrine of salvation by works is refuted by this story. For here is a man who was saved, forgiven, cleansed, went to heaven to be with the Lord and he never had a chance to do good works. He was nailed to a cross, he couldn't join a church, he couldn't be baptized, he couldn't give an offering, and he couldn't live a righteous life. His last few minutes on this earth were bleeding out as his blood was ebbing away from his body and he was moments away from eternity, he stood on the very dividing line that divides time from eternity and yet Jesus saved ...

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