by James Merritt

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Did You Know You Can Have Eternal Life? (4 of 4)
Series: Did You Know
James Merritt
1 John 5:11-13


1. Did you know, you can KNOW you have eternal life? Even if you are the oldest person on earth, at some point you are going to die. Let's see how you did on the question I asked earlier...

2. The average human life span is 82 years with women living 6-7 years longer then men on average. Did you know that the oldest people in the modern era live in the Dominican Republic? The oldest person died last October. Do you know how old she was?

* 112
* 121
* 128
* 139

The answer is 128 years. Born January 27, 1875, Elizabeth ''Ma Pompo'' Israel, died October 14, 2003 making her the oldest person to ever live.

2. I want to introduce you to a man that some of you may not know, but most of you have heard of. His name was Charles Haddon Spurgeon. He was a British, Baptist preacher who began his ministry as a nineteen year old young man in 1854 and remained in the same pastorate until his death at age fifty-seven. He was, to put it mildly, a phenomenon. He is the Michael Jordan, the Babe Ruth, and the Tiger Woods of pastors.

3. Long before the modern mega church ever came into being, six thousand people crowded every service to listen to him preach. In fact, he couldn't build buildings large enough to hold the masses that wanted to come hear him. When he was only twenty-seven years old, he preached to 23,654 people at the Crystal Palace without any amplification whatsoever.

4. One time, he asked the members of his church not to attend church on the following Sunday, so that newcomers might find a seat. One time, he asked the entire congregation to get up and leave so that newcomers waiting outside could get in. The newcomers filled every seat in the building.

5. His messages were printed in newspapers all over the world and single copies of his sermons were selling up to 25,000 a week. His collected sermons filled sixty-three thick vo ...

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