by James Merritt

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Know Fear: The Fear of God (6 of 6)
Series: Fear Factor
James Merritt
Proverbs 1:7


1. I am concluding the series of messages we have entitled - fear factor. I am afraid fear may have gotten a bad rap, because some fear in life is good. In fact, some fear is even necessary. Small children need to be taught to be afraid of a hot stove or else they will be burned. As they get older, they need to be taught to be afraid of a busy street or else they may get hit by a car. As they become teenagers, they need to be taught to be afraid of driving a car too fast or they might be killed.

2. The fear that I am going to finish this series with is not only a good fear, it is a vital fear. It is vital for the survival of a nation. It is vital for the stability of a marriage. It is even vital for the salvation of an individual. Though it would not be politically correct to say, I am convinced the greatest problem we face in American today is the loss of this fear.

3. I am talking about the fear of God. The fear of God is the glue that holds a society together. It is the safety net that keeps a nation from falling into chaos, anarchy, and moral destruction. We have lost, for the most part, the fear of God in this nation and we are losing it more everyday.

4. I read about a public school teacher who was retiring early. When they asked her why, this is how she responded. ''The problem is really fear. The teachers are now afraid of the principals. The principals are afraid of the superintendents. The superintendents are afraid of the school boards. The boards are afraid of the parents and the parents are afraid of the children. But the children? They are not afraid of anybody.''

5. In many ways, the attitude of the late actress, Kathryn Hepburn, sums up the basic sentiment found in our society. Several years before she died, she made this statement: ''I look forward to oblivion. I am what is known as gradually disintegrating. I don't fear the next w ...

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