by James Merritt

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The Last Breath -- The Fear of Death (5 of 6)
Series: Fear Factor
James Merritt
Hebrews 9:27-28


1. I want to share with you two dates that are extremely important to me. One is December 22, 1952. The reason that date is so very important to me is that is the date of my birth (for those who might be interested in getting me a present you might want to jot that date down. I will keep it up on the screen for those of you who are interested. I don't see anybody writing, so I will leave it up a little bit longer!)

2. Let me give you another date that is also extremely interesting to me - October 3, 2026. Now why is that date so interesting to me? There are two reasons. I ran across a very interesting site on the internet. You can find it at On that website they have what is called the "Death Clock". You type in your date of birth, answer a few questions about your health and it will give you your estimated date of expiration.

3. I was interested to find out that my last day on this earth will be October 3, 2026. The second reason that does interest me is because that comes on a Saturday. On that particular Saturday, Georgia will most likely be playing LSU at home, so I want you to pray - a. it will be a day game and b. I'll die that night. Nevertheless according to this Death Clock I have 706,777,000 seconds left on this earth.

4. Now I obviously don't believe in the accuracy or the validity of the Death Clock especially one that has me dying on the day that Georgia is playing football. I do know that God has a death clock for you and for me. That clock is ticking for every one of us.

5. I know that I am speaking on one of the three most unpopular topics that people want to hear about. They are death, money, and hell. The truth is you really can't get away from death. Have you noticed how much of our news centers around death and dying? It is estimated that about 75% of what we see on t ...

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