by James Merritt

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Anxiety Alert: The Fear of the Future (3 of 6)
Series: Fear Factor
James Merritt
Matthew 6:34


1. Ever since 9/11 we have instituted in this country the Homeland Security Advisory System. Though you haven't memorized it, I am sure you are familiar with it. It looks like this. [Put on Screen]. These levels are assigned based on information gathered by our intelligence agencies to help us be prepared for potential terror attacks in the future. Whether you know it or not, you use this same system every day of your life to chart your level of anxiety. Follow this scenario and chart your ''anxiety alert level.''

(Fear Scenario - 9:30am - Blended)
- You are awakened through the night with a stomach ache. It is better by morning, but that nagging pain comes back later that afternoon.
Anxiety Alert Level Green - Low

- Over the next few days, the pain doesn't get any better, in fact, you have a couple of sharp pains and you go to see your doctor and he runs a battery of tests.
Anxiety Alert Level Blue - Guarded

-Two days later, the doctor calls and wants you to come back to see him. One of the tests didn't look just right, and he wants to run a couple of extra tests just to make sure everything is ok. Anxiety Alert Level Yellow - Elevated

- That afternoon, your doctor calls you and tells you that the test results again came back abnormal. He recommends that you see a specialist and encourages you to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.
Anxiety Alert Level Orange - High

- You schedule an appointment with a specialist for Monday. After a few pokes and prods, and a couple of new tests, the specialist calls you and your spouse into his office and tells you what you feared most - you have a terminal illness.
Anxiety Alert Level Red - Severe

(Fear Scenario - 11:00am - Contemporary)
- You have gotten your high schooler off to school, done your morning chores, and have just settled in to watch Regis. You're watching TV a ...

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