by Stan Coffey

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Shaped By Experience (7 of 7)
Improving Your Image -- A Whole You for a Holy God
Stan Coffey
Romans 8:28

We have come to the final message in a series called "Improving Your Image – A Whole You For A Holy God." We hear a great deal about image today and you will see the word IMAGE in the acrostic and we have allowed each letter to be a message, a part of the whole theme we have chosen improving your image. Because we believe that God's people are given an image by the Lord that we are made in the image of God. And that we are recreated in the image of Christ. So our self-image is connected with our God image. And we are to see ourselves as Jesus sees us, as Jesus made us to be. And so in that word IMAGE are the things that we have talked about that go to make up who you are, that image of Christ in you.

And we talked about the letter "I" and that is your inward motivation, your heart. God has given you a heart that responds in a certain way that longs for certain things. And you are that way because the Lord put that within you, your inward man. Then we talked about your makeup, your personality. And the four basic personality types. And then we talked about "A" your abilities, natural abilities. God has gifted many in mechanical areas or to sing or God has given many wonderful natural abilities to organize and how your natural abilities work to make you the person God made you to be. Then we talk about spiritual gifts and how God gives us a spiritual gift when we are born again and we are to use that gift or gifts in a way that will build up the body of Christ and edify others and encourage others and make our life a valuable contribution to the church.

Now today we come to the last letter, the letter "E". And it stands for experiences. And I want you to think this morning about the topic, "Shaped By Experiences", as you look at your self-image, as you examine who you really are and who Christ made you to be. As you try to see your s ...

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