by Stan Coffey

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Image Power (2 of 7)
Improving Your Image – A Whole You for a Holy God
Stan Coffey
Psalm 37:4-5; Psalm 139:13-14

We just started a new series of messages. I introduced it last week. It is called "Improving Your Image – A Whole You For A Holy God." If you have your Bible turn to our passage for this week in Psalm 17:4-5, as we talk about "Image Power." So much is being written and said about the importance of self-esteem, the importance of the self-image.

And the basis of this series of messages is that the Bible says we were created in the image of God. And the Bible also says that when Jesus comes into our life, we are created in the image of Christ. And how you feel about yourself is directly tied to how you see yourself in Christ. It is connected with realizing that God made you unique. We talked last week about being uniquely you. You are the person God made you to be. And your self-image is connected with realizing that God made you with certain gifts and abilities and for a purpose and only you can fulfill that purpose.

There is not another person on the face of the earth like you. As a matter of fact, we are told that each of us, every person in the world has a slightly different heartbeat. There is just a slight difference in the pattern of our heartbeat. Every single person has his own. And I want to talk today about your heartbeat. I want to talk about the first letter of that acrostic – I – M – A – G – E. And the first letter is the letter "I". And "I" stands for the inward man. How you feel about yourself and your success is connected and dependent upon understanding your heart. God not only made the outward man, God made you on the inside.

And the Bible says that God wants to give you the desires of your heart. He wants to make you all that you possibly can be. But you must see yourself in His image. And in the image of Jesus Christ and appreciate your self for who God made you to be. Now, this passage of S ...

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