by Jerry Vines

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Angels and Demons (17 of 18)
Series: Daniel
Jerry Vines
Daniel 10

I'm speaking on the subject Angels and Demons. One of the most unusual and amazing chapters in the entire Bible to me is Daniel 10.

The year is 536 B.C., and Daniel, the great prophet of God and the great statesman, is beside the Tigris River. It may be a time when evidently Daniel is discouraged. He has been praying about a matter for three full weeks and there is no answer.

We know that Daniel was a great man of prayer. When Daniel prayed, God answered his prayer. Yet here is an occasion in the life of this great man of God when he prays, and for three full weeks there is no answer from heaven. It seems as if the heavens are brass. There is no response from God in heaven.

Have you ever prayed and it seems as if there is no answer? Have you ever prayed about a matter, some great burden upon your heart, some great need in your life, and it seems like the heavens are brass to you and God does not answer?

This is the situation that Daniel encounters on this particular occasion. Daniel may be a little bit discouraged. He's an old man at this time. He is probably somewhere between the ages of 85 and 90.

Sometimes there's the tendency in old age for depression to begin to come. As you look at your life and realize that most of your life is behind you instead of ahead of you, sometimes there is the tendency to despondency and a tendency to get a little bit discouraged and depressed.

I would suggest to you that there is another reason why Daniel is a little bit down on this occasion. Do you remember that the Lord had revealed to Daniel that the time was just about up for the captivity to end and that there would be a decree that the Jews would be allowed to go back and rebuild their capital city of Jerusalem?

The time had, come but the response had been very, very disturbing. Only a small group of Jews were even interested in going back. The majority of them had adjusted to ...

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