by Jerry Vines

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Daniel's Devotions (15 of 18)
Series: Daniel
Jerry Vines
Daniel 9:1-19

The concluding verses of Daniel 9 is one of the greatest prophecies in all of the Bible. It is probably the most comprehensive and encompassing prophecy. It has been referred to as the key to all Bible prophecy. If you understand the prophecy given at the end of this chapter and the frame work which is laid out, then you're going to have an insight and understanding to everything God has to say in prophecy in the Word of God.

Prophecy is God predicting the future with absolute accuracy. We have already seen that is exactly what God has revealed to Daniel in several key passages in this book of Daniel. Before we deal with those amazing and astonishing words of prophecies later on, I want us to take some time to deal with something very practical.

The study of the Word of God, though it deals with prophecy and many in-depth subjects, is also a very practical and down to earth exercise. There is a practical purpose in everything we do as we study the Bible. There is a reason why God wants us to do the things that we do. As we look at these opening verses in the life of Daniel, God through the Holy Spirit, reveals to us a very special time in the life of this man Daniel.

Keep in mind the last verse of the previous chapter, after God had given to Daniel that tremendous prophecy, we are told in verse 27 that Daniel did the king's business. He was an official in the government and in the Empire. He was an important man and busy man. A man laded down with responsibility. He did the king's business in the midst of all this prophetic insight.

Jesus said on one occasion to occupy until I come. What He's saying is, "I am coming again, but until I come occupy." That is, do business for Me until I come.

The question arises, How is Daniel going to be equipped to do business for God until the Lord comes and how are we going to be equipped also? That brings us to what I'm go ...

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